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I received your sample of the Rosacea Cleaning Lotion & Rosacea Moisturizing Cream. I must say that I noticed a huge difference the next day! From a true skeptic that tries to remain optimistic it takes a lot to impress. I have recommended this to both my sisters (I won’t share my samples). I was wondering if this the right product to continue using (after looking at your website) with occasional breakouts and sun damaged skin with premature wrinkles? Can you suggest something else or should I continue with this when I purchase? If the product is different than the Rosacea could you please send a sample? Thank you, Shannon Burkett
After Phlorogine, Purif'g Cleanser & Clarif'g Toner Treatment... What a wonderful natural system! Using it morning and night, my skin makes a swift turnaround in three days! Excellent Katie J. PA
started using your product during my search for more natural skin care and to help with adult breakouts. Everything cleared up. I then tried another brand, Arbonne, and liked it, but not near as much as Beauty Naturally. I will continue to use your products because of the look and feel of my skin. Thank you! Cori Fenske,SD, USA
HI i have been your biggest fan for months I love the Purifying cleanser and Phloro Plus i can never be without it i just wanna thank you ,you have changed my life FOREVER...i can never say enough about it...thank you thank you. i am interested in Exfoliare and i wonder if you can send me some sample with my order.. i would appreciate it
ponnipa beckstrom, UT USA .

Dear Beauty Naturally:
We just wanted to tell you that your Rosacea products are the best we’ve found, including the very expensive products. Thank you, hopefully they will always be available. Just received our order, thank you for the very useful pocket mirror.
Carol Legg

I have melasma and have ruined my skin because of long term hydroquinine use. I actually think that I developed exogenous ochronosis around my eyes (and I'm white, by the way). I'm very happy with the results I'm seeing with this product.
Let me also share with you how senstive my skin became and how Retin A products and other AHA's burned and irritated my already raw skin. I woke up many times with my face swollen from one product or another. I appreciate all the natural and gentle ingredients in the Derma Lite cream. I noticed a difference within a few days. Along with lightening, it also feels like a mini face lift.
Thanks. S. G. CA. USA

I received the pinapaya cleanser yesterday and I must say it did what I expected and much more. I washed my face with it before I went to bed and used my regular skin care regimen(Seriuos Skin Care) and when I woke up I actually looked younger. Not only that but when I touched my skin I could rub off dead skin with my finger-I had a really bad situation with exfoliation. I am very satisfied with the product. Very happy to decongest my pores.
Michelle Cambron
Temple Ga USA -
This is the most amazing thing! I am 67 years old, and have always had problems with my skin breaking out. I ran out of my
Bio Cleanse cleaner, used a "mild soap" one time today, and I am breaking out already. Shame on me, and good for you guys. Great products.
started using your products several years ago, and have been very pleased. Perhaps I have become a little complaisant. I am running low on my biocleanse and used a "mild soap" I received in the mail one time this morning, and my skin is breaking out already. You have magic in those bottles.
Dolores Gelly

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoy your products. I have been using the acne treatment system for 2 months now and have never had such clear skin. I am 53 years old and am very sensitive to the traditional treatments. Your products are wonderful! Thanks.
Mary C. Philp
Syracuse, NY

This is amazing, since I started using this Treatment I have seen tremendous change on my face. I have had no new breakouts and my skin is definitely smoother than before. My only question is, what should I use to fade away the dark pigmentation that is left on the once affected areas or will the Fruit Acid Gel do it? And for how long should I use the Treatment?
Once again thank you for your oh so gentle products.

Caroline <>
Thanx to Derma fade, I saw results since the first day I started using it. My face is brighter and clean off all the pimple marks I had.....Thanx again

Neelima Patel <>
Boston MA USA

terry maryan <>
cambridge,essex USA
I just love your products; more recently I added Renovare to my skin care regimine--it is wonderful. I love the way my skin feels after using it. Even by the end of the day it is still soft.

Tiffany Glasser <>
Penn Valley Ca USA
I cannot recommend the Phlorogine Treatment highly enough. Having adult acne, I tried everything: went from dermatologist to dermatologist, tried everything on the market for adult acne. You name it, I bet I tried it, from Retin A to Benzamycin, from Azelex to Differin, nothing worked. This was especially upsetting as my entire life I was told I had beautiful skin--strangers would walk up and tell me; I had never in my entire life had even one little blemish--no teenage dots, no PMS blemishes. Then I, on a whim, tried the Phlorogine Treatment and now I am hooked. It is the only thing that works and I am so grateful that now that I've moved to Sydney, they will still ship it to me so that I can finally, once again, have people say what nice skin I have. It's so nice to hear and really makes me feel confident again after being embarrassed for such a long time and trying desperately to cover up my blemishes.

Susan S.
Australia -
I am specifically interested in facial anti-aging cosmetics like eye creams, face creams. Vitamin C creams etc.. for women in their 40s.

Dorin J. McKeague <>
Ewa Beach Hi USA
I'm really pleased with the Phlorogine system! I also use the Phloro plus at night. My skin feels and looks great! Thank you, Beauty Naturally!

Shelly Bureau <>
Queensbury NY USA
Dear Ladies,

My sister and I are in our 40's and have recently discovered the best skin care combination ~ Renovare and Sea Legend, serum and cream. The synergy between these two is fantastic. Not the cheapest products, but they work. We supply our facial salon and clients with these products and use them ourselves, everyday. We have tried many brands over the years and keep coming back to Beauty Naturally. My sister is a little drier than myself and when I give her a facial, her skin is so hydrated and glows with this combo, very soft and smooth. Enjoy!

Patricia Westervelt <>
Snellville GA USA
These are definitely the best skin care products I have ever used. Being a more "mature" user, many of the acne products are not satisfactory, and dry my skin out too much. Thanks for such wonderful helps!

Dolores M. Gelly <>
Atlanta GA USA
I have very sensitive skin and in the past using new products I have had to go to my dermatologist to be treated for a reaction. I am confident that your products are hypoallegric. Thank you.

Linda M. Poplaski <>
Pittsfield MA USA
To the baby-boomers who want a good, natural skin care line that works - I have been using the Bio-Skin care line or the AHA line: cleanser, toner, exfoliating moisturizer and firming anti-wrinkle cream for about 18 months now and am extremely pleased with the results. When you apply the creams around the eye area, heres a tip: use the tip of your ring finger and gently pat on the contour of the eye (not right next to the lashes) meaning on the bony part, starting from the inside upper lid going across around and down to the inner bottom lid gently. Am in school to become an aesthetician and have studied ingredients, these ingredients are real and good. Hope this helps, Patricia

Patricia Westervelt <>
Snellville GA USA
it is great to see a line of products made from such quality ingredients

meagan spilsbury
When I went to visit my sister she noticed how bad my acne breakout had become. My face was looking pretty bad. She gave me the "Clean Zyme" product that she had purchased for herself and within days I noticed a huge difference in my skin. I've continued to use the product my sister gave me and now am almost out. This is what has led me to look you up on the internet, hoping to locate a place in San Diego where I can purchase your products. I have tried many products and thus far have been the happiest with yours.

Sally Hitson <>
San Diego CA USA
i am currently using the new you aloe enzyme system(lametco) i want the max results but i have to be careful with glycolics, ect. due to mild rosacea. the aloe enzyme system is working well but your papaya system may work better for me. are you familiar with my current system and how does yours compare? any info / samples would be appreciated. advise and thks. darlene

darlene nemke <>
ft. lauderdale ffll. USA
Nature has a way of producing healthy ingredients for us to use. Beauty Naturally just fits the bill for sucessful brillant line of skincare.

Paula Westry-Pruitt <>
Mobile Al. USA

I am a Beauty Therapy teacher at a TAFE Institute in Australia and would be insterested in any information on your products for myself and my students.
Thank you and I love your web site. Your products look wonderful.
Anna Hutchison-Green

Anna Hutchison-Green <>
I am 26 yrs old and looking for a product that will help me prevent wrinkles and lighten dark circles. Please send me some information. Thank you in advance.

danielle <>
clifton nj USA
Thankyou for the free samples. I noticed a change immediatly after I started using the product. I have tried many produts in the past, everything from proactiv, to clearsil, or even noxema. Your face wash and Phloro Plus was the one product which worked. I would recommend your product to anyone with problem skin. Once again thankyou.

Michael Coughlin
Millbrae CA USA
Hello again, placing another order for the salon. We are pleased with the Bio-Skin care line! Does Beauty Naturally
plan on coming out with a blemish stick for those bothersome
hot spots? Keep up the good work, Patricia

Patricia Westervelt <>
Snellville GA USA -
I am a 33 year old white female, I have very sensitive skin, especially around the eye area. I have tried a product in the past with vitamin a, it made my eye area dry and peely, what would you suggest? I ahve heard that vitamin a is good for the reduction of wrinkles. I do have some wrinkles around the eye, and mouth area, the smile lines.My skin is combination, can you send some samples because I am not sure about breaking out again. Thank You

jennifer hamilton <>
lanett al USA -
I would like to try your line. I use Creme La Mer products and i have heard yours are similar. I use the serum, eye balm and moisturizing lotion. If you would be kind enough, I would appreciate some samples.

Thank You.

Pamela Litke <>
Glen Rock NJ USA -
Heard lots about your SEA LEGEND cream as it has been compared to La Mer. Is there any way to obtain a sample??

Denise Spagnuolo <>
Kings Park NY USA -
I would like to thank Beauty Naturally for doing their research and development to produce the best skin care that I have found to date and I started out at a cosmetics counter twenty-five years ago. Many other lines have been sampled but this is the one that gives results. Thank you for making my clients happy! Patricia

Patricia Westervelt <>
Snellville GA USA -
I am glad to see you are on the internet. I have been using Beauty Naturally for many, many years.

Gabrielle Fidiam-Smith <>
Los Gatos CA USA -
Have tried your products and love them,i would like to sample the papaya products.

Karen BuShea <>
Apex nc USA -

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