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Exfoliating, moisturizing skin cream
with botanical fruit acids, meadowsweet & centella asiatica

    Natural ingredients to assist skin to shed its old, dry top layer
      Stimulate & protect new growth to healthier & firmer skin
        Dramatic change to a fresher, youthful face that defies aging

Exfoliare     ( 2 oz. @ 30.90 )

Moisturizing Cream with botanical fruit acids Alpha hydroxy acids Alpha hydroxy acids of the early 90's was phenomenal!

For first time users, AHA transforms a dull & stiff skin surface to one with a soft & healthy glow. The result can be observed in just days! Natural fruit acids can also do that!

With daily usage, in a few months' time, the effectiveness levels off. To elevate to a higher level after significant improvement of the skin surface, special emphasis of skin tone and texture should follow. It was discovered that meadowsweet, a popular herb of Aspirin fame, rich in anti-inflammatory chemicals called salicylates appears to extend the improvement of skin tone and texture as well, not as rapidly initially as the use of fruit acids, but it retains its ability to improve for a longer period of time than just using fruit acids alone. It is one ingredient often used by dermatologist to treat comedones (a medical term for what is commonly known as blackheads, whiteheads & mild case of acne). The combination usage mimics our own metabolic process of natural exfoliation when we were younger.

Exfoliare combines natural fruit acid extracts from sugarcane, citrus fruits, apples, willow bark and green tea with this herb of Aspirin fame, meadowsweet, to create a cream beyond just AHA skin care treatment can do. Meadowsweet extract, used in the formula, has been standardized to have 12% concentration of natural salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid. The synergy of the fruit acid extracts and this "wonder herb" works at a higher level than what they, separately, can accomplish to the over-all improvement of the skin. The newly improved Exfoliare also incorporates centella asiatica, an herbal perennical known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. This additional ingredient performs the function of protecting the tender, fresh skin surface from the daily environmental insults. Increasing scientific papers have been published indicating this centella asiatica is also beneficial in the skin care areas such as reduction of visible wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, firming & healing of stretch marks as well as strengthening areas fine skin.

Formulating with powerful antioxidants and natural moisturizing factors, NMF's, in a unique deposition and delivery system, these botanical actives continue to work toward smoother, fresher and firmer skin, at the same time, lessen sun sensitivity ... unlike many other exfoliating creams in the market.

Use Exfoliare before bedtime. After thorough cleansing, apply cream to face, throat and desirable skin area with gentle massage. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water.

Exfoliare - 2 oz Qty:
Price: $30.90    

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