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    What is Anti-aging Skin Care?

    The use of ingredients that assist self-healing, rejuvenation, repair and protection of the skin to result in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, towards a healthier, youthful skin complexion. Anti-aging is not against your age, just the appearance of aging!

self-healing ingredients
that promise noticeable reduction of lines & wrinkles
with measureable increase in firmness & elasticity in the skin

beauty products, skin care products, beauty products, skin care products, beauty products, skin care products

Human immune cells, particularly the macrophages, carry surface receptors which are activated by polysaccharides such as glucans and mannans. An activated macrophage seeks to destroy tumor cells, as well as other foreign hostile matters, such as “free radicals”, in the blood and tissue. Medical implications aside, from the standpoint of skin care, a substance that enhances the natural defense mechanism of the skin and protect it from the harsh environment on daily basis retards signs of premature aging, which are largely influenced by such environmental insults.

There have been over 1,000 scientific studies on beta glucan and its immune activating properties. It is the ingredient touted to be truly anti-aging!

In a pure form, beta-1,3-glucan stimulates immune system response of the Langerhans cells, activating the macrophage that seeks and destroys ‘free radicals’ and other foreign hostile matters to the skin. Aloe vera, a mannopotein, also exhibits high affinity to specific receptors on both macrophage and fibroblasts.

Stimulation of these cells not only increases production of collagen, but also increases immune response as well. Long-term effects in the skin can benefit greatly with successful combination of these two chemistries.

Common questions about Bio Skin Care, beta-1, 3-glucan & beyond

Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle Bio-Skin Care beta glucan Products Bio-Zone Bio-Toner Bio-Cleanse Bio-Skin Repair Bio-Skin Renewal
Beauty Naturally® successfully optimizes the immune properties of B-Glucans from yeast extract, combining it with the self-healing power of B-Mannans from aloe vera & other glucans, with botanical AHA/BHA’s, natural moisturizing factors (NMF’s) & anti-puffiness property of a unique phospholipid phytosme of licorice to create a Bio-Skin Care Regimen that is beyond comparison!

The only skin maintenance system you’ll ever need!

The Bio-Skin Regimen is a simple & flexible routine using the most basic skin care principles: Cleansing, Toning, Cell Renewal & Moisturization. Once your skin is normalized to its youthful potential, the same regimen can be your maintenance skin care routine for years beyond!

Bio-Skin Regimen ( Set of 5 ) Reg. @ $133.50    (Repair/Renewal/Zone/Toner/Cleanse)

Special Sale: Set of 5 @ $99.90

Bio-Skin Repair --- 2 oz @ $38.90
    fortified anti-aging, anti-wrinkle complex

Qty: Price: $38.90     

    Within just days, Bio-Skin Repair reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, while gradually increases firmness and elasticity on the sagging facial skin and neck, resulting in visible improvement to a healthier & youthful complexion … truly anti-aging!

    The unique formula combines beta-1,3-glucan and aloe vera, with hyaluronic acid in a glycyrrethetic acid (licorice) phospholipid phytosome delivery system to create this cutting edge technology of a natural anti-aging, anti-wrinkle wonder cream.

    Beta-1,3-glucan stimulates the immune response of our skin to combat 'free radicals' and other environmental insults, retarding substantially premature and photo-aging. Aloe vera has been known to stimulate fibroblast activities, building structural integrity of the skin cells. This alliance solidifies the skin's immune system, protects and initiates self-heal and repair of the skin, while increasing collagen and elastin production to gradually normalize the skin to its youthful potential..

    The phospholipid phytosome of licorice complex is responsible to substantially reduce irritation and puffiness of the skin and the eye area. With added Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs) such as squalane & hyaluronic acid to provide hydration, Bio-Skin Repair is, indeed, beyond comparisons in combating premature aging!

    Before bedtime, prepare with thorough cleansing, balanced toning and exfoliation of the skin. Apply Bio-Skin Repair in the final stage. Use it again in the morning, before makeup.

    (suitable for normal, mature or dry skin)
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Bio-Skin Renewal --- 2 oz @ $30.90
    botanical exfoliating/moisturizing cream

Qty: Price: $30.90    

    Skin exfoliation is a normal daily metabolic process. New cells form in the skin's lower layer, replacing old, dead skin on the top layer which ultimately flakes off. As we age, this process becomes less efficient, skin thickens, becoming scaly and more susceptible to lines & wrinkles.

    Bio-Skin Renewal is the exfoliant companion of Bio-Skin Repair. Formulated with 12% of our fruit acids, a botanical alpha/beta hydroxy complex, fortified with skin soothing ingredients of green tea, aloe & chamomile. It's equally effective in exfoliating the skin as the "so called " hi-potency" products without that familiar stinging sensation associated with other AHA creams sold in the market today.

    Bio-Skin Renewal contains just sufficient beta-1,3-glucan to sensitive the receptor sites on the skin to prepare for its companion Bio-Skin Repair to reap its full benefits. The synergy of this duo distinguishes the pair from other exfoliant and moisturizer skin care regimen.

    For the healthy, young skin that tends to be dry, this could be a great Treatment,Moisturizing Day/Night Cream, by itself. To use Bio-Skin Renewal alone, a sun screen is highly recommended.

    As part of the Bio-Skin Regimen, apply before bedtime, after cleansing, but before Repair.

    (suitable for normal, mature or dry skin)

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Bio-Zone --- 1 fl oz @ $27.90
    An Oil-free, Anti-aging Serum         Qty: Price: $27.90    

    It is specifically designed for around the eye area, T-zone and other areas that require individual attention (people with combination skin). For the eye contour, each application smoothens away fine lines & wrinkles and lessens the appearance of eye creases and crow's feet.

    Formulated with purified beta-1,3-glucan, fruit acids complex and glycyrrhetinic acid (licorice) phytosome in a 75% aloe solution, Bio Zone moisturizes, assists self-heal, accelerates cell renewal, soothes and reduces puffiness around the eye area.

    With high percentages of olive-derived squalane (an ester) and hyaluronic acid in the serum Bio Zone hydrates effectively without increasing the feel of oiliness. Mimics closest to human sebum, hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen & elastin fibres ... in another word, lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles instantly!

    For people with oily skin, oil-free Bio Zone is an ideal substitute for Bio-Skin Repair at night in the Bio-Skin Regimen.

    A great instant cosmetic 'face lift' too! Carry it with you anytime, anywhere to smooth away lines & wrinkle, covering oily zones.

    (suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin)

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Bio-Cleanse --- 6 fl oz @ $19.90
    all purpose facial & eye-makeup cleanser
Qty: Price: $19.90    

    An all purpose cleansing lotion formulated with renewable & natural ingredients, Bio Cleanse readily takes off all surface dirt, excess oil & dead skin cells from the face, yet retaining the natural sebum of the skin to leave a soft afterfeel ... also a great eye-makeup remover! (except water-proof eye-makeup)

    The first step of the Bio-Skin Regimen, before application of Toner & other moisturizers.
    Cleansed skin is a must in any skin care regimen!

    ( suitable for all skin types)

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Bio-Tone --- 6 fl oz @ $15.90
     natural toner, pH balancer & refreshener           Qty: Price: $15.90    
    Formulated with natural astringents of horse chestnut, witch hazel, rosewater for skin tightening and pore refining, oxygen-releasing sea kelp, chamomille and allantoin retexturize and condition the skin.

    Bio Tone is naturally pH balanced to restore the protective acid mantle of the face... the final preparation before moisturizing treatments.

(suitable for all skin types)

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unlike any other hand & body lotion you’d ever experienced!

Bio-Skin FCM --- 6 fl oz @ $27.90
    (for firming, contouring & moisturizing)

Qty: Price: $27.90    

    With the addition of a seaweed extract called bladderwrack this lotion is formulated for firming, contouring & moisturizing the body. Bladderwrack & Meadowsweet are often used in massage oils and lotions for external treatment of rheumatism, sprains, bruises and other common occurrence of minor mishaps.

    After bath & shower, Bio-Skin FCM gently exfoliates the top layer of dead skin without irritation, immediately replacing the natural sebum to re-establish the normal moisture content of the skin, restoring its velvety smoothness & soft afterfeel.

    Use as a hand lotion anytime to shed thickened, rough & calloused areas of your hand, elbows, knees & decollete. The difference in a couple of days will amaze you!

    A soothing, moisturizing lotion you can luxuriate after bath or shower is also a treatment & massage lotion as well ... a great addition to your Bio-Skin Regimen.

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