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skin care age spots skin lightener, skin care age spots skin lightener skin care age spots skin lightener
Lighter & Brighter Complexion

using botanical actives for lightning skin pigmentations

Fading brown or age spots, splotches & undesirable freckles and other hyperpigmentations

Promoting healthy, youthful-looking skin with a lighter, brighter and more even skin tone

DermaBrite - an oil-free clear serum for skin pigment correction
1/2 fl-oz @ $26.90
Qty: 1/2 fl-oz @ $26.90    

Background - Up to 10% of skin cells in the innermost layer of the epidermis produce a dark pigment known as melanin. This dark pigment is converted from an amino acid, tyrosine, through an enzymatic process called tyrosinase. Our skin color is dependent on the size and quantity of pigment and the distribution of these melanin cells, melanocytes, throughout the epidermis.

A popular depigmenting prodrug, hydroquinone (4%), have been commonly prescribed by dermatologists to fade brown, age spots and lighten skin pigment. FDA's Monogram Review allowed 2% for over-the-counter sale. Hydroquinone works by inhibiting tyrosinase activity of the melanin cells in the basal layer of the epidermis. However, this synthetic chemical is considered as Hazardous Substance by OSHA and cause concern for people with prolong use. Many with pigmentation problems would prefer a safer and gentler alternative.

Recent medical researchers have identified an active constituent of Licorice called glabridin that possesses a strong tyrosinase-inhibiting property. Clinical studies indicated a decrease in the production of melanin 7 times that of hydroquinone of the same concentration.

DermaBrite, an oil-free, clear serum, is formulated to adjust the pigment cells that affect the color of the skin. contains with a percentage of the active ingredient, glabradin, of the licorice extract equivalent to 3.8 % concentration of hydroquinone Formulating with botanical-derived alpha/beta hydroxyl acids, hyaluronic acids and other natural moisturizing ingredients, DermaBrite not only inhibits the production of melanin just as the prescriptive hydroquinone, at the same time, through gentle exfoliation of the skin it hastens the reduction of keratinocytes, the darked-cells on the top layer that are responsible for the present coloration. With ingredients consist only of botanical origins, DermaBrite is safe to be used anytime, day or night.

Prescription strength without the prescription!

skin care age spots skin lightener

The intended function of melanin is to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation. To compensate this protective property, DermaBrite incorporates powerful antioxidants that's also proven to have UVA/B absorbing ability as well. However, to be fully effective as a corrective serum, an UVA/B sunblock above SPF15 ( Sun Dew ) should also be use to protect the skin from the recently depleted melanin.

Direction of Use: Anytime of the day, preferably after cleansing and before makeup. Anoint droplets to age spots, splotches or areas of skin desirous to lighten. Gentle stroke outwardly in circular motion, slowly spreading onto the entire face, throat and back of hands.

FAQs: - on fading darkened spots & lightning over-all skin complexion

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Hydroquinone-free, drug-free botanical extracts, resulting in noticeable difference from the first few applications & significant fading within 14-28 days in most cases

DermaFade - botanical treatment serum

( 1 fl-oz @ $28.90 )

Qty: 1 fl-oz @ $28.90    

A gel-emulsion serum formulated with botanical actives of a purified, concentrated glabra fraction of licorice, natural fruit acids, herbal meadowsweet extract & natural moisturizing factors (NMF's) to specifically fade away darkened areas of skin due to uneven distribution of melanin, the cause of most brown spots, splotches, frecklesetc...

This hydroquinone-free serum not only inhibits melanin pro-duction (with lightning efficacy of a 2% hydroquinone), the botanical AHA's & BHA's components gently & rapidly exfo-liate the melanin-stained, darken-cells (primarily keratin), on the top layers that are responsible for the coloration.

Anoint a droplet at a time on the spot targeted for fading. Massage in a circular motion on the spot, gradually outward, until the lotion-gel disappears. Safe to be used anytime, day and night.

DermaLite- botanical treatment, moisturizing cream

( 2 oz @ $28.90)

Qty: 2 oz @ $28.90  


A treatment, moisturizing cream formulated to deliver a heathy, youthful-looking skin with a lighter & even-looking complexion.

Synergistically combining a 2% water-soluble Kojic acid with the purified oil-soluble licorice component, glabradin, formulated with natural fruit acids, herbal meadowsweat extract & natural moisturizing factors (NMF's), DermaLite improves the over-all complexion of the entire face, neck & back of the hand, while DermaFade targets the spots or splotches of the problem areas.

Sun Dew - Face protection SPF 30 Sunblock lotion

2.5 fl oz @ $16.90

2.5 fl oz @ $16.90

To protect the youthful-looking, fair complexion from frequently unavoidable sun exposure, you'll be well advised to employ a sunblock compatible with the skin care you have carefully chosen.

Beauty Naturally® is proud to recommend a SPF 30 sunblock that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, It is chosen for its formulating sophistication of utilizing only minimal organic & inorganic sunsblock ingredients to achieve the necessary protection, while incorporating healing berbs & marine extracts to help prevent redness, rough skin and peeling by sun-drenched skin, Beauty Naturally® named it Sun Dew, because its moisturizing components maintain dewiness, without being oily as in other sunscreens in the market. It's compatible with our other wondrous skin care products.

Apply Sun Dew, over your treatment creams, especially Sea Legend & Bio-Skin Repair, DermaFade & DermaLite. If you are wear a color fondation. Here is a little trick. Mix it with Sun Dew, in the palm of your hand and apply. It works well and you look great!

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