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(pure botanical actives for skin lightener age spots)
by natural skincare Beauty Naturally®
skincare, age spots, skin lightener, skincare, age spots, skin lightener, skincare, age spots, skin lightener, skincare, age spots, skin lightener
    Effective and safe natural skincare skin lightener for brown or age spots,
      splotches associated with pregnancy or birth control pills,
        undesirable freckles and other hyperpigmentations

          Hydroquinone-free , botanical extracts with no side effects
            noticeable difference from the first application and
              significant fading within 14-28 days in most cases
skin lightener, skin lightener,skin lightener
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FAQs: - on fading darkened spots & lightning over-all skin complexion

natural skincare, Hydroquinone-free, skin lightener, skin lightener
    DermaFade   ($28.90   1 fl oz/30 ml)
                  Qty: 1 fl-oz @ $28.90

    Regardless of gender, age or race, problems with skin pigmentation develop at one time or another in a person's life. In mild cases, it's unattractive and can be cosmeceutically corrected. Severe cases require medical attention of dermatologists.

    Brown or age spots (lentigo senilis) emerge in higher density as one ages, on the face and on the back of the hands. More than 90% of brown or age spots are keratoses. With prolonged sun exposure, young people have brown spots too!

    Freckles (lentigines) are clusters of cells that have accumulated too much melanin, usually appear from 5 or 6 years of age to past middle age.

    Brown splotches appeared in women during pregnancy or taking birth control pills are commonly known as melasma (chloasma), may be caused by hormonal changes. Melasma occurs in men as well.

    Other hyperpigmentation can be ascribed to lesions from acne, abrasive scrubs, sunburns, insect bites, chemical irritation and other environmental factors. While some darkened color spots are due to melanin pigment, the thickened top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) accounts for more of the color change.

DermaFade is a fluid-like, hydroquinone-free, emulsion formulated with botanical actives of licorice (grabradin) and meadowsweet complex that lightens darkened color spots from the first application! Most types of brown spots fade significantly within 14 days, the cell cycle of the stratum corneum.

Numerous skin lightener creams & lotions are in the market today. More than 90% uses synthetic hydroquinone as the main active ingredient for inhibiting the production of melanin.

DermaFade not only inhibits melanin, it also increases the rate of removing the melanin-stained cells in the epidermis (a full cell cycle of about 42 days), and replaces with ones of much reduced dark pigment, until gradually lightened to that of normal surrounding skin for the appearance of a younger and more even complexion. DermaFade is concentrated with botanical actives with lightener action that specifically targets brown spots, splotches, freckles and other hyperpigmented areas of the face and the hands. Also incorporated with fruit acids, aloe, squalane and hyaluronic acid, it moisturizes as well as nourishes the skin, while achieving its intended purpose. It is safe to be used anytime of the day and/or night.

DermaBrite       (1/2 fl oz @$26.90 ) - oil-free clear serum

1/2 fl-oz @ $26.90

This clear serum is formulated with a percentage of the purified glabridin equal to 3.8% hydroquinone and high potency botanical exfoliants to promote lighter & brighter skin with a fairer complexion. Hyaluronic acid, an excellent moisturizer, pro- vides proper hydration to maintain a more youthful-looking skin as well.

Anytime of the day (before makeup): anoint droplets to age spots, splotches or areas of skin desirous to lighten. Gently strokes outwardly, in circular motion, spreading onto the entire face, throat and back of hands.

skin lightning DermaLite- botanical treatment, moisturizing cream   ($28.90   2 oz)
   Qty: 2-oz @ $28.90

A treatment, moisturizing cream formulated to deliver a heathy, youthful-looking skin with a lighter & even-looking complexion.

Synergistically combining a 2% water-soluble Kojic acid with the purified oil-soluble licorice component, glabradin, formulated with natural fruit acids, herbal meadowsweat extract & natural moisturizing factors (NMF's), DermaLite improves the over-all complexion of the entire face, neck & back of the hand, while DermaFade targets the spots or splotches of the problem areas.

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