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What is Pinapaya Enzyme Skin Care?

Pinapapya enzyme skin care Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAís) has been the skin care phenomenon of early 90s. In 1994 alone, over 200 new products were introduced. However, with frequent usage, the effectiveness levels off. The skin has the ability to adapt to treatments with accommodation response. The search for alternative treatments to AHAís began.

Early in 1995, another emerging star shared the limelight: Enzymes. AHAís and enzymes perform different functions to achieve exfoliation. Their main purpose is the same: to remove dead cells on the skinís outer layer. AHAís loosen the top layer of dead cells, primarily composed of keratin (a protein), while proteolyitc enzymes dissolve this keratinized layer.

Proteolytic Plant Enzymes
Papaya and pineapple are the main source of proteolytic (protein dissolving) plant enzymes. Papain is a highly potent plant en- zyme isolated from papaya when the fruit is unripe & green. Bromelain is the other proteolytic enzyme obtained from the pineapple plant. With increasing scientific studies on enzymes, usage broadens, including in the area of skin care products used as facial masks and cleansers.

Green Papaya Enzyme Skin Care
Since early 90s, Skin Zyme & Clean Zyme has been almost synonymous with Beauty Naturally® with a complete line of Green Papaya Enzyme Skin Care to serve our discriminating clients.

Papain is most potent when the papaya is still unripe and green. It remains at its peak enzymatic activity for 4 to 6 months, then rapidly diminishes. Preparation of this remarkably sophisticated formula does not lend itself to mass-production. Thatís why they cannot be found in major deaprtment stores or franchised beauty supply outlets. Pinapaya Enzyme

Pinapaya Enzyme Skin Care
In the advent of scientific breakthroughts of this emerging century, once again, Beauty Naturally® is proud to introduce Pinapaya Enzyme Skin Care, utilizing a unique blend of green papaya and pineapple enzymes with proprietary green papaya, honey & aloe vera, painstakingly selected from natural sources. The buckwheat honey used, for example, was tested to be 20 times the antioxidant activity as the common lighter color varieties.

Under laboratory disciplines, enyzme mixes, concentration, pH levels & formualtion conditions are tightly controlled to maximize enzymatic activity.

Made in small batches for freshness & potency, Pinapaya Enzyme Mask & Pinapaya Enzyme Cleanser are produced in small batches, just as in Skin Zyme & Clean Zyme. As effective as enzyme to the skin, they are formulated to be very mild and suitable for all skin types, even people with sensitive skin. The difference in just one application is amazing to behold.

Pinapaya is a name to remember!

What is Fresh?
Being fresh means retaining the original properties unimpaired, not stale. In skin care, we use fresh active ingredients as much as possible, from newly peeled citrus fruit zests to cold expression of green papaya. The quality of freshness, and potency, is assured only when formulated in small batches in our own laboratory.

Pinapaya Enzyme Mask
       green papaya & pineapple enzyme mask ( 2 oz @ $27.90 ) Pinapaya Enzyme Utilizing papaya & pineapple enzymes and a proprietary blend of green papaya, honey & aloe complex, selected from natural sources, a new star in enzyme skin care is created.

Under laboratory disciplines, maximum enzymatic potential is harnessed in this potent creamy facial mask, that is, at the same time, mild & safe to be used for all skin types.

In a professional salon or the comfort of your own home, the simple elegance of Pinapaya Zyming is the freedom to personalize individual needs and the many options that fit only you!

The result that reflects in your appearance will be met with adulation from those around you!

        Qty:Pinapaya Enzyme Mask ( 2oz @ $27.90 )
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Pinapaya Enzyme Pinapaya Enzyme Cleanser
      papaya & pineapple enzyme cleanser ( 4 fl oz @ $18.90 )

A liquid cleanser formulated with the same unique blend of papaya & pineapple enzyme complex, papaya extract, aloe vera & honey.

A companion cleanser in the Pinapaya Zyming Ritual(s). For normal & mature skin, the soft afterfeel, without the squeaky, dry clean uneasiness, is a must. For the oily, blemished skin & sensitive skin, it may very well be the solution, by itself, to a soft, clear complexion!

    Qty:Pinapaya Enzyme Cleanser ( 4 fl-oz @ $18.90 )

Pinapaya Enzyme

Pinapaya Enzyme Mask / Cleanser
papaya & pineapple enzyme mask / cleanser
( Set of two @ $46.80 )


A new revolutionary skin care!

Pinapaya Enzyme Polish (for face & body)   - 4 fl oz ($22.90)

5 minutes !    to instantly reveal a soft, velvety smooth and radiant skin. Once or twice a week, the result is astonishing!.

Peels and clears dulling impurities, smoothens dry patches, lightens stubborn dark spots and polish away embedded acne scars.

Suitable for all skin types including oily, blemished and sensitive skin.

A face & body buffing creamy lotion of fresh green papaya grains, papaya/pineapple enzymes and micro-spheres of jojoba ester,

Pinapaya Enzyme Polish for face & body - 4 fl oz ($22.90)

4 fl-oz @ $22.90
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