Beauty Naturallyģ       FAQs - on Adult Acne

Q:†††††††††† What is acne? How common is it?

A:†††††††† Simply, acne is plugged pores caused by overactive oil gland.In the US, at least 85% of teenagers are affected.Recent studies put40-50% of adult, mostly women, to be diagnosed with some kind of low grade, but persistent acne.


Q:         What is adult acne?Is it serious?

A:†††††††† Most common cases of adult acne are mild and consist of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.Forthe majority, eventual healing may come naturally.Severe cases of inflamed acne require medical attention.


Q:†††††††† What are the common treatments available on the market?

A:†††††††† In the past, most over-the-counter acne products contain benzoyl peroxide.Common complaints are dryness, itching and blotchiness.†† TV informercials of acne skin care products usuallycontain 0.5% salicylic acid which is very effective in clearing the dead cells that clog pores.They do not, however,address the full spectrum of the causes of the acneic skin disorder.


Q: ††††††† What approach does Beauty Naturally take that is different & effective?

A:††††††† An oil-free, preservative-free skin care product line, The Phlorogine Skin Care Treatment, is devised at Beauty Naturally that not only stops inflammation, it regulates oiliness and purifies the affected skin areas so healing comes much sooner with better chance of non-recurrence.


Q:††††††† How is Phlorogine Treatment different from Phloro Plus?

A:††††††††††††††† Phlorogine Treatment is more suitable for oily skin, blackheads & mild case of pimples.It is an ideal oil-freemoisturizer for acne-prone skin.

Phloro Plus takes to another level of controlling adult acne.It places equal emphasis in regulating oiliness, stopping inflammation as well as buildup of dead skin impactions.


Q:††††††† What kind of cleanser is recommended?

A:†††††††††† Within the Phlorogine Treatment product line, Purifying Cleanser is specifically formulated for oily & acneic skin.Itís preservative-free, soap-free, pH balanced & water rinsible, an ideal daily cleanser for people with oily skin, blackheads & occasional breakouts.


Q:††††††† How about scarring?

A:††††††† Acne can leave scars that remain long after itís healed.In the case of pigment change & slightly raised lumps, our Jojoba Beads Scrub is a gentle & effective choice.The microspheres gently massage & polish the skin down to below scar tissue, allowing the skin to grow back smooth again.The pigment change of the healed lesion can be corrected with gradual exfoliation with our oil-free Fruit Acid Gel or DermaFade.†† To improve on more severe icepick scars, dermabrasion procedure, a corrective by a dermatologist is recommended.


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