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The Herbal Glo Hair Care Collection

As the name implies, Herbal Glo is a line of hair care products formulated with a special blend of herbal botanicals, natural oils and minerals.

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shampoo & conditioner
    Normal/Oily Shampoo
    (8.5 fl oz @ $12.95)
      Removes excess scalp oils and deep seated impurities, while thoroughly cleans hair, adding texture and shine.

    Dry/Damaged Shampoo
    (8.5 fl oz @ $12.95)
      Similar to the normal/oily shampoo, but with more protein and moisturizers to repair damage due to blow dryers, colors, perms, etc.

    Fine/Thin Hair Shampoo 
    (8.5 fl oz @ $12.95)
      With extra protein and panthenol. Add body and thickness to fine, thin hair. (Vegetable protein for Herbal Glo products, of course)

    Dandruff Control Shampoo 
    8.5 fl oz @ $12.95)
      Contains Zinc Pyrithione, the active ingredient in Head & Shoulders, it helps remove dandruff flakes, while providing deep cleansing and moisturizing to restore hair's natural beauty.


    Regular Conditioner    (8.5 fl oz @ $12.95)  Qty:

      Contains select blend of natural ingredients to feed back the vital moisture to restore the soft, shiny and silky look.

    Fine/Thin Hair Conditioner    (8.5 fl oz @ $12.95)  Qty:
      Added ingredients to make the hair appear thicker, fuller and beautiful.

    Intensive Conditioner    (8.5 fl oz @ $12.95)  Qty:
      Provides extra protein and moisturizers to restore body and shine to hair, even when appears to be "beyond repair".

    Dandruff Conditioner   (8.5 fl oz @ $12.95)  Qty:
      One of the only conditioners on the market with a built-in dandruff ingredient, Zinc Pyrithione, to assist Dandruff Shampoo's effectiveness.

    Deep Conditioner   (8.5 fl oz jar @ $13.95)  Qty:
    hair spray
      A "Hair-Pak", deep and intensive conditioning hair treatment. Penetrates hair shaft to repair the damage caused by perms, coloring and environmental stress.

    Leave-in Conditioner
    (8.5 fl oz @ $12.95)
      Enriched with Provitamin B5 and sunscreen. Comes in a spray-er, detangles instantly, hair is easier to comb, style and set. Protect from damage caused by blow dryers, curling irons and harmful UV rays.

    Hair Spray, Natural Control     (8 fl oz @ $12.95)
      Non-aerosol, with outstanding ability to hold styling, while adding great body and sheen.

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(6 fl oz @ $22.95)

    The Herbal Glo Hair and Scalp Formula for thinning hair is based on a blend of essential oils and minerals (from plants, roots and leaves), told to be discovered in East Africa and found to let thinning hair live up to its fullest potential. It's equally effective in stopping hair loss in both men and women (for men/for women formula).

    It contains Herbal Glo special blend of extracts, pathenol, jojoba oil and ingredients found in other leading "Thinning Hair Treatments" such as polysorbate 80, biotin, inositol and mucopolysaccharides.. a true All-in-One Scalp Formula.


   (6 fl oz @ $31.95)
    unclogs the follicles and feeds them with essential hair nutrients. This highly effective treatment creates the ideal envionment to maximize the potential for healthy hair growth.

    If you have psoriasis & itchy scalp as well as thinning hair... this is the one.

    How Herbal Glo Works
    When massaged the scalp, you can feel its energizing and stimulating effects as it:

    • Cleanses the scalp by dissolving and removing the waxy sebum - unclogging the hair follicles
    • Revitatlizes the hair follicles, encouraging health hair growth.
    • Stimulates and nourishes dormant hair roots with essential hair nutrients. The circulation of the scalp is significantly improved.
    • Thickens, rebuilds and strengthens new hair growth.
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