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Magic Hair Turban & Towels
environmentally friendly, superabsorbent,
lint-free microfiber material
    Microfiber has emerged as the preferred cleaning & drying material in Europe since the 80’s. Out of necessity, densely populated Europe is more concerned with environmental issues than we are.

    Microfiber is a man-made material by combining two basic fibers, Polyester and Polyamide (nylon), woven with monofilament thread, so fine that the diameter is 1/100th that of a human hair.

    This ultra-fine microfiber simply “lift off” dirt, grime & water from your hair, with just minimal gentle contact, without causing friction.

        • Lint-free & Non-abrasive!
        • Super absorbent!
        • Environmentally friendly!
        • Hypoallergenic!

    Towels & cleaning products with this material can be re-used over and over again, without the help of chemicals & cleaning agents.

    A) Magic Hair Turban      $17.50
         (with ultra microfiber material)

    Super absorbent ... absorbing over 7 times
            its weight in water

    Quick drying time ... 4 times faster

   Benefits of Magic Hair Turban:
    1) eliminates snarls & tangles, damaging hair follicles
    2) shortens blow-drying time, reducing split ends, breakage
    3) stays put to free hands to getting dress and makeup

Magic Hair Turban
Qty: Price: $17.50    
Magic Hair Turban and Towels

   B) Hair Towel for Men or Women     $19.50
         (ultra microfiber, size: 20” x 40”)

Magic Hair Turban and Towels

    A quick drying hair towel for men or women, large enough to double for body or sport towel, yet light-weight & compact to carry anywhere... spa, gym traveling, backpacking, etc.

    Dries fast for convenient repacking. Hand or machine wash with minimum to no detergent... great for active people on the move!

    Magic Hair Towel
       (ultra microfiber, size: 20” x 40”)
    Qty: Price: $19.50    

C)   Magic Face Towel (16"x16") for Men or Women     $4.75

    Super-absorbent, lint-free, non-abrasive face towel, Lifts off dirt, grime, moisture & any residual cleanser with only gentle contact of the skin surface...ideal to pat dry after cleansing in any skin care routine. Daily use face towel for sensitive skin.

Face Towel (blue)    size(16"x16")
Qty: Price: $4.75    

Face Towel (Green)    size(16"x16")
Qty: Price: $4.75    

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