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Exquisite La Vie des yeux - eye cream
by beauty naturally®

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La Vie des yeux - eye cream --- 0.48 oz @ $29.90

Qty: Price: $28.90    

    La Vie des yeux - eye cream reduces puffiness, tightens under-eye sagging skin, smoothens fine lines of upper eye-lids and lightens the eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles and brings back the liveliness in you. A soothing, nourishing cream, light weight and easy to glide onto the eye contour as well as the delicate upper eye-lids. The natural ingredients in the formula are time-tested to be highly beneficial for the skin, especially the eye area:

      • - Glycyrrhetinic acid and horsechestnut tighten under-eye skin and reduce puffiness

      • - Ceramides strengthen skin barrier, normalizing moisture balance to prevent dryness

      • - Meadowsweet, chamomile and aloe exfoliate dead skin and brighten the eye area

      • - Kojic acid and beta hydroxy acid lighten the skin to reduce the appearance of dark circles

      • - Hyaluronic acid and NaPCA moisture and eliminate fine lines of the eye contour and eye-lids

Directions for use: Under eye makeup or alone, day or night. Clean and dry skin. Apply with fingertips. Pat gently under the eye and onto eyelid, until fully absorbed.

The only multi-action eye cream you’ll ever need!

La Vie des yeux - eye cream addresses all the problem areas of the eye:

‘Crow’s-feet’    and upper eye-lid areas, with the fewest oil glands, are more prone to extra dryness, forming lines and wrinkles easily with usage (the eye normal blinks 20,000 times daily). Hyaluronic acid, NaPCA and aloe vera are natural moisturizers for smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and crepiness around the eye area..

‘Puffy eyes’    is usually fluid buildup at night when you sleep. The anti-inflammatory and astringent properties of glycyrrhetintic acid and horsechestnut extract tighten under eye skin and reduces puffiness.

‘Baggy eyes’    are the result of accumulated fat in the eye area. Cosmetic surgery is the only way to eliminate baggy eyes. Short of this drastic step, La Vie de yeux effectively increase elasticity and strengthen the delicate skin barrier to counter the bagginess with glycyrrhetinic acid and vegetal ceramides.

‘Dark circles’    under the eye are often cause by a high amount of melanin in the skin, in combination with visible capillaries, often engorged and darkened, under thin skin. Botanical meadowsweet, chamomile and aloe extracts exfoliate dead skin and brighten around the eye area, while kojic acid, a proven skin lightener, improves the surrounding skin to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

La Vie des yeux is an excellent throat cream as well. The throat skin is finer than the face and has fewer oil glands than the face, pretty much like the eye-lids.

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