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    Pure natural sensitive skincare
      for People with Sensitive Skin!

    National polls showed as many as 50% of Americans believe they have sensitive skin.

      Are they to be left in the cold in taking care of their skin?
        We think not!

People who are allergy-prone or chemical sensitive tends to react to cosmetic and skin care more readily than others. They should avoid products containing synthetic fragrance, artificial color, DEA/TEA, animal derivatives as well as pore-clogging, allergy provoking chemicals. It is important to read the ingredient listed on the label. The more ingredients in the product, the greater the chance for allergic reactions!

At Pure & Natural Sensitive Skincare, only the purest and most natural ingredients are chosen, from plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables and natural substances that have been time tested and proven to be beneficial to the skin, centuries before the techno-chemical revolution of the cosmetic industry.

Pure Natural products are often 100% pure or just the essential ingredients in the formula, usually no more than 3 or 4. The ingredient(s) are offered in expeller pressed (non-solvent extracted), with minimal to no processing and unadulterated by fillers, emulsifiers and other chemical agents in traditional formulation of products.

For people with sensitive skin, young or mature, reap the bounty nature provides you. Use what is pure & natural! Don't be left out in taking care of your skin.

 Pure Shea Butter

Shea Butter
    2 oz @ $10.90

Pure 100% Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream & Balm

Qty: Price: $10.90    

      Pure & Natural is proud to introduce its 100% pure Shea Butter. Its therapeutic properties for skin care are limitless. It helps to:

  • Protect against skin damage from sunburns as well as frostbites
  • Moisturize dry & sensitive skin
  • Soothe irritated and chapped skin, after shaving or waxing
  • Give the lips a protective film as a lip balm
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Alleviate eczema and other minor dermatosis
  • As a body butter, relieve stress & stiffness for muscle & joints
  • Lessen the appearance of stretch marks

      Shea butter is a natural composite of triglycerides, fatty acids & waxy esters extracted from the nut of the Shea tree, indigenous to the West African Savanna. Its value in cosmetic was mentioned as early as Cleopatra's Egypt.

      An excellent natural moisturizier, by itself, its versatility is evidenced as being an essential ingredient in many high priced anti-wrinkle, sun protect, sensitive skin, slimming & massage products, even in minute quantities.

      Unadulterated by any other ingredients that may lessen its therapeutic properties, the shea butter used is of the best quality, expeller pressed to retain its many magical characteristics. Fortified with powerful antioxidant, vitamin E, the product retains its full efficacy for more than two years.

Direction of Use:

    Shea butter melts at contact with the skin. Soften in palm with the index & middle fingers, massaging in circular motion. Apply to dry spots of skin or desired area in gentle massaging motion, until fully absorbed.

Squalane - 1 fl oz @ $19.90

Oil-free, olive derived skin supplement that mimics our own skin sebum

Qty: Price: $19.90    

      Pure & Natural is proud to introduce its 100% pure olive-derived squalane. Among its beneficial effects on the skin are that it:

  • Softens & lubricates dry, scaly areas of the skin, without leaving an oily film
  • Transforms from lackluster to healthy, radiant & vibrant complexion in just days
  • Cleanses & detoxifies to protect against bacteria & other harmful substances
  • Provides vital skin nourishment to assist new cell growth for suppleness

      Squalane is found naturally in three seemingly unrelated sites: olive, shark & human. As one of the Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs) in the skin, it helps the skin maintain a better moisture balance, provides lubricant to the skin, keeping it soft & supple. It forms a natural protective coating from disease causing bacteria from the environment. As one ages, the ability to synthesize squalane decreases, leading to rough, dry aging skin.

      An oil-free moisturizer, it easily penetrates into the skin to replace the depleted human sebum, without leaving a greasy residue and after feel. It re-supplies skin cells with much needed oxygen to revitalize its metabolism to its youthful potential.

      Completely natural, non-toxic, non-comedogenic, non-irritant & hypoallergenic, the elegance of simplicity of this ingredient makes it the moisturizer of choice for the purist of all ages & skin types, especially ideal for young skin that tends to be dry! A few drops are sufficient for the entire face.

Aloe Heal

Aloe Heal -4 fl oz @ $14.90

Qty: Price: $14.90    

      Unlike plain aloe vera gel, the Aloe Heal from Pure & Natural is fortified with standardized extract of meadowsweet & allantoin (extracted from comfrey root). Since the gel can be obtained as a liquid or dry form in multi-fold concentration, 100% aloe vera gel can be achieved, even with the addition of the other healing & soothing ingredients. The benefits of Aloe Heal are due to synergism between the healing & soothing properties of these natural ingredients:

  • accelerates self-healing of wounds
  • relieves pain and inflammation of sunburn & frostbite
  • heals psoriasis lesion & minor scars
  • moisturizes and soothe dry, sensitive & irritated skin
  • improves facial skin suppleness
      Aloe vera is currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity here in America in the later part of the 20th century when people are beginning to be more and more interested in the process of natural healing. Many of the claims, however, are supported by recent scientific studies, prominently its "wound healing hormones" and its ability to increase cell growth in damaged tissue.

      This cactus-like plant is actually a member of the lily family. Known as the "plant of immortality" in ancient Egypt, throughout centuries herbalists and folk healers considered this "medical plant" filled with gel to be indispensable. Originated in South Africa, now widespread in the American continent as well as Europe & Asia, aloe has long been a popular folk medicine as well as an essential ingredient in a wide spectrum of cosmetic, skin & hair care products in all corners of the world.

      The addition of meadowsweet extract, the substance from which aspirin is synthesized & allantoin, a popular soothing agent, makes Aloe Heal an ideal home remedy for minor cut & wounds, sunburn, frostbite & irritated, dry scaly skin. A must in the medicine cabinet!

(A natural, non-toxic, biodegradable polysaccharide is used to achieve gelling of this wondrous, pure aloe vera moisturizer, healer)

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil - 2 fl oz @ $14.90

Pure 100% Jojoba Oil Natural skin, hair & scalp moisturizer

Qty: Price: $14.90    

  • An oil-free, natural moisturizer for the skin
  • Conditioner for hair & scalp
  • Great aromatherapy massage oil at home

      A pure, natural moisturizer that enhances flexibility and suppleness of the skin, reducing fine lines, leaving it a rich, velvety after feel. It spreads well, does not shine & moist to the touch. Completely miscible with the skin's sebum, it penetrates easily without clogging pores.

      Though commonly referred to as "jojoba oil", it is actual an array of 100% oil-free, odorless, plant-derived monounsaturated liquid esters that are biodegradable & renewable. This environmentally friendly moisturizer is great for young, dry skin that's also prone to acne!

      Massage hair & scalp with a few drop of jojoba oil after shampooing, you revitalize & cleanse the scalp from deposits of excessive sebum that solidifies around the hair follicles causing dandruff, hair loss & other scalp disorders.

      A drop or two of your favorite essential fragrance to mix with jojoba oil, you can create your personal aromatherapy massage oil.

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