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Bio Skin Care,

4-step Bio-Skin Regimen

unlocks your skin's beauty secrets

Bio-Skin Care & Its Products

Facial Skin Type & Its Care

How to use
Bio-Skin Care

Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle -
All natural Bio Skin Care
BIO SKIN REGIMEN (all skin type)

    A simple, proven effective skin maintenance system that nurtures, protects and normalizes your skin to its healthy & youthful potential!

Bio-Skin Regimen set of 5 Reg @ $133.50

BIO-SKIN RENEWAL (all skin type)
     moisturizing exfoliate

Botanical alpha/beta hydroxy acids with green tea, chamomille, natural moisturizers with beta-glucan

The exfoliating component in the Bio-Skin Regimen. For young skin that tends to be dry, can be used as a treatment/moisturizer all-in-one by itself!

2 oz @$30.90

BIO-ZONE (all skin type)
     (1 fl oz @$27.90) oil-free serum for eye contour

Similar active ingredients as the Repair, substituting natural oils with super-hydrating & anti-puffiness agents.

For the eye contour, T-zone & oily areas that require individual attention. Instant ‘face lift’ to smooth out fine lines.

1 fl-oz @ $27.90

BIO-TONE ( all skin type)
    (6 fl oz ) toner, pH balancer & skin refreshener

    Natural astringents for skin tightening & pore refining, with herbal & seaweed extracts.

pH balanced to restore the protective acid mantle before moisturizing & treatment creams & serums

6 fl oz @ $15.90

BIO-SKIN REPAIR(normal,mature,dry)
    self-healing & nourishing moisturizer
   Bio-Skin Repair

w/anti-aging, anti-wrinkle
glucan/mannan complex

Erases fine lines and reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles with measurable increase in thickness, firmness & resiliency on sagging facial skin & neck.

This treatment cream activates the body's own immune system against 'free radicals' to prevent premature aging as well as stimulating collagen & elastin production.
You can see the improvements in just days!

2-oz @ $38.90

BIO-CLEANSE (all skin type, sensitive)
      (6 fl oz @$19.90) facial, eye-makeup cleansing lotion

All natural ingredients, mild, yet effective for all skin type, even the most sensitive skin. The first step of the Bio Skin Regiment. A must!

Readily takes off surface dirt, excess oil & dead skin cells, yet retaining the natural sebum of the skin with a fresh, soft after feel

6 fl oz @ $19.90

BIO-SKIN FCM (all skin type)
     ( 6 fl oz @$27.90 hand & body lotion )

Botanical alpha/beta hydroxy acids, natural moisturizers with an unique seaweed extract, bladderwrack, known for cellulitis, sprains & bruises.

Soothing & moisturizing lotion after a bath or shower; treatment & massage lotion as well. As a hand lotion, sheds thickened, rough calloused areas of hand, elbows, knees & sole. The difference in a couple of days will amaze you! .

6 fl oz @ $27.90

Tonique Mist  ( 2 fl-oz @ $9.90)
Like a Summer breeze!

a refreshers and a fine mist sprayer. Instantly refreshes & restores the acid mantle to protect your face all day long.

2 floz @ $9.90

Applying a moisturizer with vitamin C&E under a sunscreen increases its effectiveness by 400%, according to the American Academy of Dermatology                         Woman's World June '04

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Elixir C
Oil-free antioxidant vitamin C serum, fortified with E

Fruit Acids Sensation

How do Natural Fruit Acids work?

Anti-aging Vitamin C&E Serum

Exquisite Treatment Skin Care

SEA LEGEND( all skin type )
    (2 oz @$69.00) Creme extraordinaire

Rejuvenating kelp formula moisturizes skin with age-defying nutrients from the sea. Further refined with botanical moisturizers & herbal soothing agents, keeping all the important ingredients that make the world famous cream so miraculous, unsurpassed even by similar cream in fine department stores at $250 a jar.

Legende de La Mer or Sea Legend (say it in any language) this rich, moisturizing cream is for all skin type, especially effective for dry, sensitive & mature skin. The favorite of longtime, satisfied clients of Beauty Naturally, connoisseurs of exquisite facial creams, they will gladly testify to its quality.

2 oz @ $69.00

VANISH ( all skin type )
  (0.5 fl oz) - oil free anti-wrinkle serum (eye contour, crow’s feet, T-zone, rhides & decollete.)

    In an instant, the signs of aging simply vanish into the thin air.

The principal ingredient, hyaluronic acid, fills up the crack of fine lines and softens deep wrinkle instantly mimicking the naturally occurring intercellular ground substance in the skin that fills the space between the collagen and elastic fibres and the cells.

With vegetal ceramides & meadowsweet in a pure aloe gel solution, Vanish is not just cover up cosmetic. With extended use, the improvement of the skin is just a natural progression!

1/2 floz @ $25.90

SEA LEGEND HB ( all skin type )
        (6 fl oz @$36.90- Lotion Extraordinaire)

Moisturizing & firming lotion for hand & body, with the same magic ingredients, same benefits as the original Sea Legend.

An unique seaweed, Bladderwrack, is added to work in synergy with the kelp, known to be beneficial to cellulitis, sprains & bruises. When applied, it quickly re-establishes normal moisture content of the body, restoring that youthful, velvety smooth and firmer look, yet with soft afterfeel once again.

6 fl oz @ $36.90

EXFOLIARE ( all skin type )
      (2 oz $30.90) - natural exfoliants with botanical extracts

By combining botanical alpha/beta hydroxy acids with meadowsweet, an herb rich in natural salicylic acid, this exfoliating cream efficiently sloughs off the flaky dead skin cells, then gradually working into the pores to clear cellular debris that regular alpha hydroxy acids cannot do.

Noticeable improvement to a firmer & more elastic skin! Takes on a brighter & smoother appearance with renewed youthfulness & vibrancy. A prelude to Sea Legend!

2-oz @ $30.90

La Vie des yeux - eye cream 
  Best value in the eye cream you'll need!

    This multi-action eye cream brings out the sparkle in your eyes that exude the liveliness in you!

    Firms the skin, smooths lines & wrinkles, reduces puffiness and the appearance of dark circles around the eye area with botanical ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin, especially in the eye contour and the delicate upper eye-lid areas.

    0.48 oz @ $29.90

RENOVARE ( all skin type )
     (1 fl oz @$45.90)- rich serum for dry & premature aging skin

Vegetal ceramides, centella asiatica & meadowsweet provides the needed nourishment for dry and premature aging skin. It "cures" dryness!

Renovare addresses all the causes of dry, dull skin from years of environmental abuse & bad cosmetics. The newly renovated skin is smooth, soft & supple ... beautiful complexion!

1 fl-oz @ $45.90

Skin Care Corrective Therapy

    Beauty Naturally’s very own
Skin Care Corrective Therapy
for dry & premature aging skin:
Sea Legend, Exfoliare, and Renovare

      Set of 3 @ $145.80

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( all skin type )
(0.5 fl oz @$29.90)
Vitamin C Serum with AHA

    The principle ingredients contain
    15% L-ascorbic acid protein complex &
    10% natural fruit acid

Vitamin C plays an important role in the bio-synthesis of collagen. Heathy collagen imparts a firm and elastic quality of the skin, prevents the skin to sag and wrinkle. AHA quickens the shedding of the rough, textured outer layer of skin, resulting a brighter and softer complexion.

C Maxim also accelerates the recovery time from the redness and visible blood vessels associated with post-acid peel treatment or facial laser surgery.

0.5 fl oz @$29.90
( all skin type )
(1 fl oz @$36.90)
hi-potency Vitamin C & E serum

    The synergy of two of the most powerful antioxidants, vitamin C & E, in this hi-potency serum to the dry & sagging, premature aging skin is unmatched by any vitamin C serum on the market today!

Once applied, the actives of this oil-free serum are released to smooth out fine lines & deep wrinkles and repair the sun-damaged, premature aging skin to a brighter, lighter complexion & more even skin tone.

1 fl oz @$36.90

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botanical serum for pigmentation spots

FAQs: -

on fading darkened spots & lightning over-all skin complexion

  Lighter & Brighter Skin Care

DermaBrite   ( all skin type )
   (1/2 fl oz @$26.90 )
Hi-potency skin pigment corrective clear serum
This clear serum is formulated with a percentage of purified glabridin equivalent to 3.8% hydroquinone and hi-potency botanical exfoliants to achieve a lighter & brighter skin with a fairer complexion. Hyaluronic acid, an excellent moisturizer, provides proper hydration to maintain a youthful-looking skin as well.

1/2 fl-oz @ $26.90

DermaFade ( all skin type )
     (1 fl oz @$28.90)
botanical serum for pigmentation spots

The active ingredient, glabridin, in DermaFade is a clinically tested tyrosine inhibitor 7 times more effective than hydroquinone, in fading age, liver spots, brown splotches & undesirable freckles.

Together with other botanical extracts, this gel-serum inhibits melanin production, at the same time gently exfoliates the melanin-stained, darkened cell on the top layers of the skin. Noticeable difference with just a few applications & significant fading within 14-28 days!

1 fl-oz @ $28.90

DermaBrite, DermaLite & C Maxim -

Set of 3 @ $85.70

DermaLite( all skin type )
        (2 oz @$28.90)
botanical anti-pigmentation cream

The active ingredients, glabridin & kojii acid, are natural, non-irritating & hydroquinone-free. A great moisturizer by itself, it gives the user a lighter & more even skintone.

Use with DermaFade, the combination has the remarkable ability to fade brown spots & splotches, balance uneven skintone, giving the skin a lighter, & fairer overall complexion.

2 oz @ $28.90

SunDew ( all skin type )
        (2.5 fl-oz @$19.90)

A SPF-30 sunblock with broad spectrum   UVA/UVB protection. Formulated with minimal organic and inorganic sunblock ingredients, with healing herbs, marine extracts to soothe irritation, prevent redness and peeling of sun-drenched skin. With the feel of a fine moisturizer, Sun Dew maintains dewiness, without being oily and greasy as in other sunscreens in the market.

2.5 fl-oz @ $19.90


DermaBrite, DermaLite & Elixir C -

Set of 3 @ $92.70

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FAQs: -

What is Rosacea?
What is the difference between Acne & Rosacea?

  Rosacea Skin Care

Rosacea Moisturizing Cream>
  (2 oz @ $32.90)
      soothes, nurtures & protects irritated skin
      reduces general redness

    Oil-free, soothing cream to arrest inflammation, reduce redness and soothe irritated skin.

A selected group of licorice derivatives, botanical extracts and natural moisturizing factors to reduce inflammation and redness, soothe the itching and burning sensations, moisturize and soften the skin complexion. Vegetal ceramides builds up protective barrier, strengthens & increases the skin's ability to heal.

2 oz @ $32.90

Rosacea Cleansing Lotion  (4 - fl oz)
    Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial

anti-redness & calming
discourages rosacea flare-up

Formulated with botanical ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, horse chestnut & bromelain, suitable for sensitive skin, yet effective to remove lipase & control rosacea flare-ups.

4 fl oz @ $19.90

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Oily & Problem Skin
Adult Acne

Oliy & acne-prone skin

white head
black head

FAQs: -

on Adult Acne

Acne Skin Care for
                Teens & Adult

     (2 fl oz ) - oily & acne-prone skin treatment

The active ingredient, Phlorogine, has been clinically proven to be effective in controlling the symptoms of oily & acne prone skin on all fronts, with no known side effects.

Oil-free, anti-microbial & non-drying, this lotion-gel is great for people with blackheads, whiteheads and mild case of adult acne. Great as a moisturizer for adult acne sufferer with dry and combination skin as well as those with oily skin who have very limited choice of skin care.

2 fl oz @ $22.90
    (4 fl oz ) - cleanser for oily & acne- prone skin

This cleanser is preservative-free, soap-free, pH balanced & water rinsible. Salicylic acid works deep into pores to clean the debris of dead skin impactions & benzothonium chloride provides a germ-free environment for the treatment lotions to do their job.

An ideal daily cleanser for people with oily skin & occasional breakouts, as a preemptive measure.!

4 fl oz @ $14.90

      (2 fl oz - natural exfoliating gel for skin smoothening)

Botanical alpha/beta hydroxy acids in an aloe solution to exfoliate dead skin cells that clog pores that may lead to acne formation.

This oil-free, hydrating gel serves as a preventive measure to future recurrence of acne, blackheads & pimples. Fruit Acids Gel also facilitate smoothening of the skin to a clearer & more even complexion, through efficient cell renewal.

2 fl oz @ $20.90

        (2 fl oz ) - acneic skin
    This lotion-gel places equal emphasis in regulating oil secretion, fighting bacteria action, stopping inflammation & clearing buildup of dead skin impactions.

    With ingredients similar to Phlorogine treatment, it addresses the cause & its counter measure of adult acne on all fronts.

2 fl.oz @ $22.90

        (4 fl oz ) - botanical AHA/BHA skin conditioner
    Fragrance-free, non-alcoholic, natural astringents to assist unclogging skin pores, at the same time providing a protective acid mantle to use the Phlorogine Skin Care Systems.

    4 fl oz @ $12.90

   (4 fl oz ) - non-abrasive facial scrub

A gentle & economical alternative to dermabrasion or laser resurfacing of lesion and minor acne scars. Microspheres of jojoba ester, in a non-oily lotion, to massage & polish the skin down to below scar tissue, allowing new skin to grow back smooth again.

4 fl oz @ $20.90

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The Phlorogine Skin Care Systems

Two Phlorogine systems are devised, each consists of three ( 3 ) simple steps to follow. These systems are suitable for all ages, sexes & different skin types, whether oily, dry, sensitive or mature.

 System A:

(treatment/moisturizing system for oily skin type with blackheads, white heads & mild case of adult acne).

        1. Purifying Cleanser
        2. Clarifying Toner
        3. Phlorogine Treatment

System-A Set @ $50.70

System B:

(for people with acneic skin and frequent breakouts )

        1. Purifying Cleanser
        2. Clarifying Toner
        3. Phloro Plus

System-B Set @ $50.70

FAQs: -

on Adult Acne

Phlorogine Treatment Set

(Treatment/Post-treatment Kit for Adult Acne)

    1. Phlorogine Treatment
      option: Phloro Plus
    2. Purifying Cleanser
    3. Fruit Acids Gel
    4. Jojoba Beads Scurb
    5. Clarifying Toner

The 1st & 2nd steps are controlling inflammation, oiliness & further eruption. Once the skin disorder is at bay, the 3rd & 4th steps are for smoothening healed lesion to a smoother, clearer & even-tone complexion.

Your choice of Kit - 1 or Kit - 2

Set of 5 - @ $92.50


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What is Enzyme Skincare?

The Rituals of Pinapaya Zyming

Green Papaya & Pineapple
Enzyme Skin Care

Pinapaya Enzyme Mask (all skin type)
    (2 oz) - green papaya & pineapple enzyme mask

Utilizing papaya & pineapple enzymes and a proprietary blend of fresh green papaya, honey & aloe complex, selected from natural sources, a new star in enzyme skin care is created.

In a professional salon or the comfort of your own home, the simple elegance of Pinapaya Zyming is the freedom to personalize individual needs and the many options that fit only you! The procedure is just 5 to 10 minutes. Taking off the stubbornly impacted layers of dead skin on your first application should convince you the time is well spent. With extended use, the radiance on your face will amaze you & everyone around you!

The result that reflects in your appearance will be met with adulation from those around you!

2 oz @ $27.90

 Moist+ Facial Mask (all skin type)

A relaxing at-home facial treatment for vibrant, soft and silky-smooth skin. Each mask is pre-cut and pre-moistened and individually packaged with a relaxing mix of rose hip ext, marine collagen, mulberry bark ext. and matricaria ext. to moisturize your skin and boost its radiance. It will moisturize and repair your skin prevent wrinkle formation in just 15 minutes.

Moist+ Facial Mask ea @ $9.90

Pinapaya Enzyme Cleanser(all skin type)
    (4 fl oz) - papaya & pineapple enzyme cleanser

A liquid cleanser formulated with the same unique blend of papaya & pineapple enzyme complex, papaya extract, aloe vera & honey.

A companion cleanser in the Pinapaya Zyming Ritual(s). For normal & mature skin, the soft afterfeel, without the squeaky, dry clean uneasiness, is a must. For the oily, blemished skin & sensitive skin, it may very well be the solution, by itself, to a soft, clear complexion!

4 fl.oz @ $18.90

Pinapaya Enzyme Polish (all skin type)
    (4 fl oz) - for face & body

5 minutes !    to instantly reveal a soft, velvety smooth and radiant skin. Once or twice a week, the result is astonishing!.

Peels & clears dulling impurities, smoothens dry patches, lightens stubborn dark spots & polish away embedded acne scars.

Suitable for all skin types including oily, blemished and sensitive skin.

A face & body buffing creamy lotion of fresh green papaya grains, papaya/pineapple enzymes and micro-spheres of jojoba ester,

Reg. 4 fl.oz @ $22.95

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Magic Hair Turban
and Towels
(microfiber material)

Magic Hair Turban
        Super absorbent, quick drying, ultra MICROFIBER material
Magic Hair Towel
        ultra microfiber, size 20"x40", for men and women
Magic Face towel
        ultra microfiber, size 16"x16", for men and women

A holistic approach...
an herbal alternative

        (herbal essence of Dong Quai, Chasteberry, Black Cohosh and Wild Yam )

        ( formulated with 10% of standardized Mexican Wild Yam extract )

pure natural sensitive skincare
        100% pure olive-derived squalane
Shea Butter
        100% pure shea butter
Aloe Heal
        anti-inflammatory;soothes sensitive & irritated skin
Jojoba Oil
        100% pure jojoba oil

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    Popular brandname products by others

(with a special blend of
herbal botanicals,
natural oils and minerals)

SHAMPOOS ( normal/oil, dry/damaged, fine/thin & dandruff)
        ( normal/oil, dry/damaged, fine/thin & dandruff)
         (penetrates hair shaft to repair the damage caused by perms & coloring )

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER ( provitamin B5 & sunscreen)
HAIR SPRAY( non-aerosol natural control)
        (special thinning hair treatment- for MAN AND WOMAN)

        the natural solution for Psoriasis & itchy scalp and thinning hair

LASH LIFE ( longer, more glamorous lashes naturally )
        (Natural, 7 days protection with just one application,
         without aluminum salts or alcohol )

        (Natural, 7 days protection with just one application,
         without aluminum salts or alcohol )

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