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skincare, skin care, natural skincare, dry skin, skincare, skin care, natural skincare, dry skin, skincare, skin care, natural skincare, dry skin

Renovare - A skin renovating serum

    Renovare - natural skincare
    If you have dry, dull, premature aging skin,
      You don't want to do without it!
    If you want to keep your skin beautiful for years to come
      You certainly want to keep using it!

    Renovare  protects & nourishes the skin all day
    Permanently "help" dryness and premature aging skin
    Improving skin smoothness, softness & suppleness
    To emerge with a dynamic, youthful & radiant persona!

    Benefits associated with Renovare's magical ingredients:

    • Gentle exfoliation to a softer, fresher skin surface
    • Repair lipid barrier for balanced hydration
    • Collagen & elastin synthesis for firmness & skin elasticity
    • Healthier connective tissue to strengthen areas of fine skin

    Renovare-     A rich serum for skin renovation (1 fl oz)

                                                                         Qty: Price $45.90

    Many skin care products can provide temporary relief of dry skin. Renovare of Beauty Naturally not only can provide temporary relief, in time, it can actually "re-normalizes" dry skin. The renovated skin will plump up to be smooth, soft and supple. The complexion will be vibrant, radiant & glowing .. truly defies aging!

    Skin exfoliation is a normal metabolic process. As old cells shed, new cells form pushing up from the skin's lower layers to replace them. As one ages, the dead cells on the top layer are slow to flake off, accumulating and compressing to a hard, dry, corny surface. Without flexibility, it creases easily, forming fine lines and building up deep wrinkles to a rough and scaly appearance. Meadowsweet extract, containing a high percentage of natural salicylic acid (BHAs), possesses exfoliative properties, without the irritancy associated with glycolic acid (AHAs) prevalent in most skin care products. It gently assists the sluggish skin metabolism to revert to a level it was accustomed to when younger … a truly anti-aging ingredient!

    Meadowsweet does a good job to slough off the unattractive corny surface layer, exposing the upwardly migrating layers of cell in the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum needs to function properly to maintain a healthy complexion. The intercellular space of the stratum corneum is mainly composed of lipids and ceramides, making the skin a protective barrier from the outside elements yet permeable for water to make the skin pliable and healthy. When the balance between the water coming from the general metabolism and that evaporated at the surface is broken, the skin becomes rough and dry. Even efficiently sloughing off the top corny surface, the stratum corneum still needs to stay health for the skin lipid barrier to be effective in preventing excessive transepidermal water loss (TEWL) That is why with all the marketing successes and touting of alpha hydroxy acids as the panacea of aging skin in the 90's, dermatologists and skin care specialists alike are still searching for more complete solutions.

    A natural phytoglycolipid extract from Millet Seed contains a high concentration of ceramides structurally similar to natural ones in the epidermis. Externally applying this phytoglycolipid should lead to a renovation of the lipid barrier to maintain the water balance. By this, it not only provides temporary relief of dry skin, in time, it actually re-normalizes the skin to its healthier, more vibrant & youthful complexion of earlier years!

    An unexpected property of this phytoglycolipid is its ability to increase skin renewal rate. Synergistically combining with meadowsweet, Renovare efficiently sloughs off the impenetrable corny surface layer, at the same time supplying the needed nutrients to re-normalize the lipid barrier of the functional stratum corneum to maintain proper skin moisturization.

    Skin elasticity and appearance depend on well-balanced water content in all skin layers, a large amount found in the dermis and the basal layer of the epidermis. Skin tone & texture mainly depends on the state of collagen & elastin fibrils. Skin sags and wrinkles because the underlying structure is deteriorating with age.

    Centella asiatica is a specific variety of "gotu kola" found only in Madagascar. For centuries, it has been known for its curative properties in treating small wounds, superficial burns, tissue in-flammation and the healing of surgical wounds. An international group of scientists studying this herbal perennial acknowledges that it not only increases collagen synthesis, it also strengthens capillaries & veins by repairing damaged connective tissue surrounding them. This restores tissue firmness and skin elasticity, thus, improving the texture and complexion of the skin. These scientific findings also indicate Centella asiatica to be beneficial in skin care areas such as reduction of visible wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, also contributing to firming & healing of stretch marks & strengthening areas of fine skin.

    Incorporating these botanical actives with other skin nutrients and antioxidants like hyaluronic acid, squalane and vitamin E in a 100% aloe vera solution, Renovare possesses all the essential ingredients to renovate cumulative poor skin conditions. By assisting its metabolism to restore to a natural state of exfoliation, repairing the lipid barrier of the skin surface to keep hydration balance, stimulating increased production of collagen & elastin and restoring healthy capillaries and veins, Renovare addresses all the causes of dry, dull skin caused by years of environmental abuse and bad cosmetics. The renovated skin is so natural looking that people would not notice the make-over changes, just the dynamic radiance of a beautiful complexion!

    Beauty Naturally’s very own
      Skin Care Corrective Therapy
        for dry & premature aging skin:

    Sea Legend,Renovare,Exfoliare

    1. At night, after cleansing, apply Exfoliare to gently slough off the flaky dead cells of the top layer.
    2. Then, apply Renovare to repair the lipid barrier for balance hydration, improving texture & complexion of skin.
    3. Finally, top it with the wondrous Sea Legend, with the age-defying nutrients from the sea, legendary for dry & mature skin.
    4. Repeat 2 & 3 in the morning, after cleansing.

    Exfoliare   botanical alpha/beta hydroxy moisturising cream
    Sea Legend   creme extraordinaire

    Set of three - Sea Legend, Exfoliare & Renovare
    Qty: Price $143.80
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