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SEA LEGEND --- (2 oz )
Creme extraordinaire                         Qty:   @ $69.00
    Rejuvenating marine formula cream saturates skin with age-defying nutrients from the sea.

Sea Legend, natural skin care, moisturizing cream, natural skincare, treatment cream, creme de la mer,creme de la mer

    Nearly two decades ago, Sea Legend came from the same pioneering origin of an enriched sea kelp face cream when skin care science was in its infancy. The cream was simply amazing, one of the kind and the very best of the time. Skin becomes soft, yet firm with fine lines & wrinkles less & less visible...

    In the advent of skin care technology, Beauty Naturally® continues to experiment with more natural skin care ingredients, eliminating petrolatum & alcohol and replacing other non-essential emulsifiers, etc., yet keeping all the important ingredients we feel that makes the cream so miraculous: the oxygenated essence of Pacific Sea Kelp, painstakingly blended, in small batches, with natural oils of sesame, almond, avocado, rice bran, jojoba and soy. Our own Sea Legend formula is further fortified with lecithin and a proprietary phytosome of an anti-puffiness extract of licorice and squalane for the eye and other sensitive areas.

    A rich, moisturizing cream for all skin types, especially suitable for dry, sensitive & mature skin. Our longtime, satisfied clients, connoisseurs of exquisite facial creams, will gladly testify the quality of Sea Legend. Without expensive promotions & department store markups, our price is within reach to more people who may benefit from such a skin care wonder.

    (especially suitable for dry, sensitive & mature skin)

    Direction of Use: After thorough cleansing, apply a thin layer on face & neck with finger tips. You’ll feel the sensation that the rich cream instantly breaks and releases all the nutrients to the skin. Massage gently in an upward & outward motion on the face. Use outward strokes from the center of the forehead. Annoint small droplets around the eye area. Massage in light, soft patting strokes outward on upper eye lids & under the eye area. Stroke gently outward from the corner of the eye to “erase” fine-line crow’s feet.

Sea Legend HB - 6 fl oz
Lotion extraordinaire                        Qty: Price: $36.90    
Moisturizing & firming lotion for hand & body, containing the same magic ingredients & benefits as the original Sea Legend.

    A luxury you can pamper yourself in quiet privacy after bath, shower or any time you feel dryness in your hands, elbows & decollete.

    The moisturizing & texturizing ingredients are the very same natural oils, Pacific Sea Kelp, shea butter & phytosome of licorice. It quickly re-establishes the normal moisture content of the body, restoring that youthful, velvety smoothness & softer after feel once again. One unique seaweed (fucus vesiculosis), commonly known as bladderwrack , is added to this enriched lotion formula. It works in synergy with the Kelp, not only because of its moisturizing and soothing properties, but considered by those familiar with this ingredient to be effective in the external treatment of cellutitis, sprains & bruises.

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Bio-Cleanse ---- 6 fl oz @ $19.90
facial & eye-makup cleansing lotion        Qty:

    A rich cleansing lotion formulated with natural ingredients. It readily takes off all surface dirt, excess oil & dead skin cells from face, yet retaining the natural sebum of the skin to leave a soft afterfeel ... a great eye-makeup remover! (not water-proof eye-makeup)

Bio-Tone ---- 6 fl oz @ $15.90
toner, pH balancer & purifier                      Qty:

    Apply to cleansed skin to removes residuals from cleanser, makeups. With oxygen releasing Sea Kelp, rosewater & other natural astringents, Bio Tone is ideal for skin tightening & pore refining... the final preparation before moisturizing treatment!
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