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deodorant, natural deodorant, natural lash, skin care

Lash Lifedeodorant, natural deodorant, natural lash, skin care

Lash Life (longer lashes naturally) -
(6.5 gms @ $22.90)


    Rare blend of natural ingredients, formulated by a trichologist to encourage lash and eyebrow growth. Amazing results!

    active ingredient, cajune oil, discovered in South American jungles for longer, thicker lashes. Tricho-Genous claimed a 99.7% success rate !

    FAQs: - More Beautiful Lashes Naturally!

deodorant, natural deodorant, natural lash, skin caredeodorant, natural deodorant, natural lash, skin care

The Ultimate Hygiene Specialties
( 7 days protection with just one application)


Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream -
( 12.5 gms @ $19.95)
   Qty: 12.5 gms @ $19.95

    Another unique Beauty Naturally discovery. This safe, natural, long lasting herbal deodorant, without aluminum salts, "magically" stops bacterial action that causes odor. It becomes increasingly effective with use, but is not an anti-perspiring.

Lavilin Foot Deodorant Cream -
( 12.5 gms @ $19.95)
   Qty: 12.5 gms @ $19.95

    More concentrated version of the above. Recommended by many podiatrists and sport personalities. Lavilin is a scientifically tested, all natural cream and dose not contain aluminum or alcohol.It is used by over one million men and women worldwide. Many of them report that once their foot odor is eliminated other foot problems are easier to control.

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