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Vanish - - an oil-free treatment gel-serum with immediate results!

Eye contour, crow’s feet, T-zone, rhides, decollete... anywhere lines are uncomfortably prominent.

Instant lift (in just seconds) ! Permanent fix (with extended use)!

An eye lifting, metamorphic experience! In an instant, the signs of aging simply vanish into thin air!

Medical researchers have identified a group of compounds in the skin that attracts and retains water, called natural moisturizing factors (NMF’s). They help the skin to maintain a balance of moisture that keeps it smooth, supple & elastic.

Among the group of natural moisturizing factors (NMF’s), hyaluronic acid plays the most important role in the appearance as well as the integrity of the structure of the skin. A naturally occurring intercellular ground substance, it fills the space between collagen, elastic fibres and the skin cells. Found in abundance in young skin, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases as one ages. The skin becomes dry and more susceptible to lines & wrinkles. The unique physical and chemical properties of hyaluronic acid make this organic compound one of the most important ingredients in today’s skin care formulation as a protector and regenerator of the aging skin.

Vanish an oil-free, aloe based serum, contains a high percentage of pure hyaluronic acid as well as other natural moisturizing ingredients, such as squalane & NaPCA. This serum helps to maintain the vibrancy of healthy skin, improving smoothness, suppleness & elasticity. Mimics closest to human sebum, the hyaluronic acid in the serum, in a manner similar to the intercellular ground substance the skin possesses, simply fills up the cracks of fine lines and soften the appearance of deep wrinkles instantly. Ideal for around the eye, crow’s feet, T-zone, rhides, decollete, anywhere lines are uncomfortably prominent! natural skincare - Vanish - natural moisturizer

Vanish is no cover up cosmetic! Though once applied, makeup is a breeze. The formula of this multi-functional skin care incorporates a natural phytoglycolipid, containing a high level of vegetal ceramides, to replenish the intercellular materials that hold the upper layer of healthy skin cells in place. Ceramides repair the skin barrier, allowing it to ‘breathe’ and hydrate efficiently, thus leading to improved skin firmness and smoothness. Other ingredients are essential components of this wondrous formula as well. Meadowsweet, a source of natural salicylic acid, gently exfoliates the unattractive corny surface layer of dead cells, restoring the sluggish metabolism to a level it was accustomed to when younger. Rosewater, a natural astringent, soothes the skin as well as refining pores. With orange blossom, the serum imparts a hint of freshness & uplifting scent, without interfering with your favorite choice of fragrance.

    Vanish   truly lives up to its claim:         Instant Lift (in just seconds)!
                                                                        Permanent Fix (with extended use)!
                                                              Qty: 14.7 ml @ $25.90
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